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Our services in the field of Marketing and Customers can provide you with assistance in the improvement process in the following areas: 

  • Quality service programs

  • Target market and insights

  • Advertising and Market Research

  • Market structure

  • Marketing strategies and planning

  • Competitive study

  • Culture and ethics of the company

  • Product commercialization

  • Strategic planning

  • Online marketing and digital

  • Branding and PR

  • Research and training

  • Facilitation (incl. international)

  • International business and marketing

  • Customer relationship and communication

Additional Focus On Customer Service

Can include:

  • Design of national and international programs for product distributors or dealers and their principals


  • Enhancing and developing the need for greater emphasis on customer service and relationship-building skills

  • Focus on achieving pragmatic business results that can be gained from intangible aspects of your business

Additional Marketing Strategy Programs

Can include:

  • Strategy formulation process

  • Facilitation for local and international management teams


  • Resource allocation via an international business concept

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