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The Work
The Work
The Work

The Work Done With You

Consulting & Advising

  • Management consulting

  • Marketing consulting

  • Strategic and organizational advice

  • Leadership development

  • Team development

  • Selecting and developing Talent

  • Talent management program

  • Educational programs

  • Learning and Development

  • Business research

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Programs of the European Commission

  • Regulation of the U. S. and E.U. markets

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Research and development

  • Business incubators and technology parks

  • Feasibility study

  • Information and insights

Learning & Development

  • Training and training courses

  • Workshops and role playing

  • Discussions, debates and presentations

  • Meetings

  • Documentaries, film and photography

  • Conversations and lectures

  • Work-alone and / or in-group sessions

  • Insight classes and instructional lectures

  • Mediation

  • Small cases

  • Seminars

  • Conferences

  • Interviews

  • Trade shows

  • Business services

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Program design

  • Training and program support

  • Program optimization

  • Target market and strategy

  • Delivery and management

  • Client representation and support (incl. international)​

Speaking & Lecturing

  • ​Speech design and development

  • Program strategy and planning

  • Content optimization

  • Segmentation and benchmarking

  • Delivery and on-/off-site support

  • Client representation and support (incl. international)

How We Can Work Together

Team Meeting

When Conditions Change And Longer Time Is Needed, We Are Flexible

Initial Meeting

Start now with an initial meeting.


Your condition and variables may change therefore you may need shorter periods or more than 6 months for completion of the work. We understand all dynamics and we will be flexible with you and your company needs.

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Networking Event

When Time Is Your Constraint, We Adapt

One-on-One Sessions

Helping our clients through one-on-one consultations can be an effective and an inspiring experience.


We will determine in your best interest the proper duration of one-on-one consultations, and we will adjust accordingly to your needs and changes.

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Meeting the Staff

How Long We Work with You. Work Duration

Contractual Work

The contractual work can vary in terms and duration depending on the client needs.


Most contractual assignments with clients can be typically scheduled and planned for completion within a period of one to six months. 

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Project Case

Featured Work Results

"As a U.S.-based company, going through a major corporate transition period, I found it highly beneficial to engage in consultative corporate level discussions without time limits. Among key outcomes of highest priority from your consultative assistance are the new BaneBio mission statement, corporate values, corporate local and global strategic direction, marketing strategy, and website content. I want to initiate and implement several marketing ideas/concepts resulting from your consultative services and advising, and I feel like you could really help me get things moving in the right direction. Through our strategic discussions and your knowledgeable input, you have me excited about not only launching the new website but also creating new marketing magic around it. "


Doug Bane,

President & CEO

BaneBio LLC

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