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Talent and Organisation

Our services in the field of Talent and Organisation are assignments and project interventions that we can provide to you to improve your condition in the following areas:

  • Training and talent development

  • Strategy and talent planning

  • Multi-culture and talent diversity

  • Strategies for talent and HR

  • Human resources strategies

  • Ethics and corporate culture

  • Organisation innovation

  • Change management and communication

  • Organisation development and re-design

  • Design & development of training programs

  • Leadership development

  • Talent, qualities and motives

  • M & A communications

  • Corporate communications

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Talent and organisation systems design

  • Organisation strategy and planning

  • Corporate culture and management

  • Corporate responsibility strategy

  • Stress and work

  • Goals and goal achievement

  • Vision, mission and goals

  • Strategy design and implementation

  • Management structure

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