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nina karakasheva | Discover Nina

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), International Business

  • Master of Economics, International Economic Relations

  • Specialist in Management, Strategic Leadership and Effective Communications

  • Consultant, lecturer and author

  • English Language Translator

  • Founder, Nina Cara and Company

"Making a difference together by inspiring, improving and growing every day." - Nina Karakasheva

Global Experience Overview

by Location

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Global Experience Overview

by Location



Nina is a consultant, a lecturer, and an author, who is truly inspired by entrepreneurship, innovation and art stimuli. Her career at Nina Cara and Company is a natural continuation of Nina’s professional and entrepreneurial vision for strategic, innovative, and business growth.


Nina receives her Masters of Business Administration degree in International Business from the University of Tampa, Florida. She holds a Master of Economics degree in International Economic Relations from the University of Economics - Varna, Bulgaria.


She has rich experience in multicultural environments and in working with interdisciplinary teams, where the ability to speak and listen pro-actively, as well as, to work well in teams, is highly valued. Nina is appreciative of foreign cultures and languages, and she is fluent in English, German, Russian, advanced in Dutch, and native in Bulgarian. Her professional journey has taken her to five states in the United States, and to Flanders, in Antwerp, Belgium.


Nina has affinity to psychology, and she writes a Theory on Happiness, during her studies in the Graduate Student Programs at the University of Tampa, in Florida. Topics such as behavior, corporate culture, general management, leadership, team-work, change management, ethics, motivation, innovative thinking, feedback, professional speaking, negotiations, personal image, branding, are common in her consulting practice.

USA. Florida

  • Leads the research and design of the market strategy of an international management consulting project for Disney Cruise Line (Fortune 100).


  • Participates in the design and planning of marketing management consulting projects for strategic development of Florida Orchestra.


  • Takes assignments in marketing and corporate culture at Merrill Lynch (Bank of America Corp., Fortune 50), and at the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.


  • Assists in the research and design of a project for partnering and collaboration between the Graduate Student Career Center of the University of Tampa and Tampa Bay business communities.


USA. Washington, DC-Virginia-Maryland

  • Consults small- and medium-sized enterprises in projects for business and corporate development, operating in the biotechnology sector.


  • Joins a leading international firm (LafargeHolcim, Fortune 500) as a corporate strategy and development analyst.


  • Takes inspiration from working on projects in educational and health environments (National Cancer Institute in Maryland).


  • Establishes and runs a biotechnology start-up company, developing innovative animal-free, antibody alternative reagents for research and development uses in wet laboratories. 

Bulgaria. Varna, Sofia

  • Works with consultative projects for expanding foreign markets for U.S.- and E.U.-based companies, in projects for Flanders marketing strategy and market entry research for clients in digital marketing, IT, beauty and wellness, real estate rentals sectors.

  • Assists in advisory projects for growing SMEs’ competitiveness, stimulating innovations, improving talent and management key (“soft”) skills, including projects for start-ups, funded by national programs and by the European Commission programs, including Horizon 2020.


  • Supports domestic and foreign projects from non-for-profit organizations, which are aimed at stimulating and helping children, youth, women entrepreneurs, working mothers, seniors, educational, health and wellness, art and culture.

USA. California

  • Joins entrepreneurial teams in the entertainment industry.


  • Grows biotechnology collaboration and business development opportunities with academia, universities.


"As a U.S.-based company, going through a major corporate transition period, I found it highly beneficial to engage in consultative corporate level discussions without time limits. Among key outcomes of highest priority from your consultative assistance are the new BaneBio mission statement, corporate values, corporate local and global strategic direction, marketing strategy, and website content. I want to initiate and implement several marketing ideas/concepts resulting from your consultative services and advising, and I feel like you could really help me get things moving in the right direction.  Through our strategic discussions and your knowledgeable input, you have me excited about not only launching the new website but also creating new marketing magic around it. "


Doug Bane

President & CEO

BaneBio LLC

Frederick, MD



Tampa Bay area

  • Financial Services

  • Maritime Sea Cruise Line

  • Academia

  • Non-profit

  • Music & Arts

  • Fund-raising


Antwerp, Flanders​

  • Web Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Flanders Market Entry

  • Market Research and Strategy


Varna, Sofia

  • SMEs consulting

  • E.U. Programs

  • Real Estate Rentals

  • Beauty, Wellness & Cosmetics

  • Management Consulting

  • Business advisory

  • Speaking & Lecturing

  • Digital Marketing



Washington DC Metropolitan Area

Dulles - Leesburg, VA Area

Baltimore - Frederick, MD Area

  • Biotechnology

  • Life Sciences

  • Government

  • Construction

  • Start-up

  • Real estate



Los Angeles


  • Film

  • Acting

  • Biotechnology

  • Academia

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