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Meetings. Discussions. Agreements.

Business Meeting

The Initial Contact

Initial Meetings

Initial meetings are an excellent way to get the following benefits:

  • Get to speak with us live

  • Introduce yourself personally

  • State your current condition or challenge or needs to us

  • Tell us what work you need to have done or what skills need to be worked on

  • Find out how we can work together effectively

Our new clients are encouraged to start with initial meetings first. We will together lay the ground for purpose-driven, trusting and effective working relationships.

Doing it right and better.


The Consultative Discussions

One-on-One Consulting

Consultative one-on-one discussions are effective work consultations that have specific agenda and predefined topics. During the consultations our clients can get the following benefits:

  • Discuss with us professional needs and challenges

  • Obtain professional advice and consultative support

  • Obtain unbiased opinion and hints

  • Improve understanding on the subject matter discussed

  • Become aware of possible work agreements with us, based on the needs

  • Get professional attention to other work needs.

Consultative discussions are the most effective way for start-ups to start and maintain a trusting business relationship with us.

Doing it right and better.


The Contractual Agreements

Contract Work

Written agreements are contracts that arrange our work relationship with clients, based on their hiring, expert-consultative and support needs.

The contractual agreements can vary in terms (including part-time, full-time) and in duration (permanent, up to 6 months, or longer fixed duration).


We can stay flexible and ready to adapt to your professional dynamics at work and social needs.

Agreements are the most effective way to sustain and scale up a trusting business relationship with us.

Doing it right and better.

The value of

One-on-One Consultations

"After our initial meeting, Nina and I had a consultative discussion regarding the priorities I work on at the Historical Park. Nina helped me identify and develop two effective approaches to use, when communicating with key investors and clients. The consultative discussion was of a great value to me because Nina has rich international experience in business development, marketing, advertising and sales. "


Rumen Yankov

Finance Consultant

Project Case
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